Schedule runs

Learn how to schedule runs and view logs


Schedules can be used to run any selection of your datasets at a user-specified frequency. Running your code on a repeating schedule ensures output data is always kept up to date.

Create a schedule

Schedules are created as part of an environment.

  1. Navigate to your environments.json file
  2. Click Create new schedule on the environment in which the schedule should run (by default you will only have a single production environment)
  3. Enter your schedule's settings
  4. Commit your changes to environments.json and push these to master

View past runs

You can find all current and historical scheduled runs in the Run logs page, accessible using the left menu bar.

Run logs

Scheduler access tokens

For projects using a remote git project (e.g. hosted on GitHub), a scheduler access token is required. More info on configuring git access tokens.

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