Slack Notifications

Learn about configuring slack notifications with Dataform web


Success and failure alerts for schedule runs can be configured as part of schedule set up. This guide explains how to set up notifications to a Slack channel.

Create an Incoming WebHook url for your slack workspace

  1. Open the Incoming WebHook app.
  2. Click "Add to Slack".
  3. Choose the slack channel you would like alerts to be sent to
  4. Click "Add Incoming WebHooks Integration".
  5. On the next page you will see a "Webhook URL". You'll need this for the next step.
  1. Open a development branch.
  2. Navigate to the scheduling page using the left menu.
  3. Open the "Notification Channels" tab.
  4. Click "Add Channel". Give the channel a name, choose the "Slack" notification type, and copy in the "Webhook URL" from the previous step.
  5. Click "Create Channel".

Add the notification channel to a schedule

  1. Open the "Schedules" tab on the schedules page.
  2. Create a new schedule, or edit an existing schedule.
  3. In the "Notifications" section of the schedule dialogue, click "Add new notification settings".
  4. Select the channel you just created. Choose success , failure or both as "Events".

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