Creating a new project

Learn how to create a new dataform web project and connect to your warehouse.

This tutorial demonstrates the first few steps in configuring a new project.

Google BigQuery is used as the data warehouse in this example.

Log in or sign up

After opening the app.

Sign up

If not signing in with GitHub, Google or Microsoft then you will need to verify your email address.

Create new project

This will create a new, empty project.

New project

Give the project an inspirational name

Project name

Choose to "create a table" from the file templates

Ignore the instruction to the configure the data warehouse; we'll do that next.

File templates

Connect to your warehouse

Big green button towards towards the central right.

Create table

Select Google BigQuery

Input the project ID. For alternatives warehouses, see here.

Add warehouse

Select and test the server

Input, credentials, and test that they are valid. See here for how to create a JSON credentials key.

Test server

Preview the results

This shows the exact affect it will have on the warehouse.

Preview results

Publish the table

Publish table

Next Steps

You've taken the first steps towards improving your data pipeline!

Some of the next features you could use next include:

What's next

Managing dependencies

Start building out your dataform pipelines using SQLX files and managing dependencies.