Setting up a schedule

Learn how to set up a schedule and alerts in Dataform
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In the first few videos we introduced the basic concepts of Dataform. We’ll now introduce some of the more advanced features: testing and documentation, scheduling and version control.

Setting up a schedule

Schedules allow you to make sure your data is updated regularly. You're going to create a schedule that updates your datasets every hour and sends you a notification by email if the pipeline fails.

Schedules are defined in the environments.json file. It’s easiest to set them up in the interactive UI, but it's also possible to edit them directly in the environments.json file.

  1. Navigate to the Scheduling page by clicking on the hamburger menu in the top left hand corner.

  2. Press the Create New Schedule button.

    • Give your schedule the name hourly_update .
    • Press the 'Choose Frequency' button and select hourly .
    • Press Save.
  3. Set up a new notification channel

    • Navigate back to the environments.json file.
    • Click on the Create New Notification channel button.
    • Give your notification channel the name email .
    • Enter your email address into the box below and press enter.
    • It’s also possible to set up notifications to Slack or a custom webhook.
Setting up a schedule

You have now set up a schedule which updates your project every hour annd an alert which notifies you by email if your pipeline fails.

For more detailed info on setting up schedules, see our docs.

What's next

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