Declare external datasets with declarations

Learn how to declare external datasets with declarations.


Your Dataform code will likely depend on at least one external (i.e. not produced by Dataform) dataset. Declarations enable you to treat these external datasets as first-class Dataform objects.


Suppose we have an external dataset .

To declare this dataset you can use SQLX:

1config {
2  type: "declaration",
3  schema: "input",
4  name: "data"

Alternatively you can use the JavaScript API and add multiple declarations in a single file:

2  schema: "input",
3  name: "foo",
7  schema: "input",
8  name: "bar",

Dependencies on declared datasets

Once declared, a dataset can be referenced or resolved in the same way as any other dataset in Dataform.

Assuming the following declaration of the dataset:

1config {
2  type: "declaration",
3  schema: "input",
4  name: "data"

Other actions may now use the ref() or resolve() functions as usual, e.g. ref("data") or resolve({schema: "input", name: "data"}) .

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