Fivetran Logs


BETA package for transforming Fivetran Log data, which comes from a free internal connector. An ERD of the source data is here. The package currently only supports a single destination.

This package helps you understand:

  • How you are spending money in Fivetran according to our consumption-based pricing model. We display consumption data at the table, connector, destination, and account levels.
  • How your data is flowing in Fivetran:
    • Connector health and sync statuses
    • Daily API calls

The package's main goals are to:

  • Create a history of measured monthly active rows (MAR), credit consumption, and the relationship between the two
  • Enhance the connector table with sync metrics and relevant alert messages
  • Enhance the transformation table with run metrics
  • Create a history of daily API calls for each connector
  • Union log data across destinations


| model | description | | -------------------------- | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | | fivetran_log_connector_status | Each record represents a connector loading data into a destination, enriched with data about the connector's status and the status of its data flow. | | fivetran_log_mar_table_history | Each record represents a table's active volume for a month, complete with data about its connector and destination. | | fivetran_log_credit_mar_history | Each record represents a destination's consumption by showing its MAR, total credits used, and credits per millions MAR. | | fivetran_log_connector_daily_api_calls | Each record represents a daily measurement of the API calls made by a connector, starting from the date on which the connector was set up.


Add the package to your package.json file in your Dataform project. You can find the most up to package version on the releases page.

Configure the package

Create a new JS file in your definitions/ folder and create the Fivetran Log tables as in the following example.

By default, the package will run using the fivetran_log schema. If this is not where your Fivetran Log data is, you can override it when calling the package:

1const fivetranLog = require("fivetran-log");
4  // The name of your fivetran log schema.
5  fivetranLogSchema: "fivetran_log",
6  // Default configuration applied to all produced datasets.
7  defaultConfig: {
8    schema: "fivetran_log_package",
9    tags: ["fiveran_log_package"],
10    type: "view"
11  },

Features not supported:

  • transformations
  • multiple destination databases

Supported warehouses:

  • BigQuery
  • Snowflake
  • Redshift

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