Stripe (Fivetran)


BETA package for transforming Stripe datasets managed by a Fivetran connector. An ERD of the source data is here.


Add the package to your package.json file in your Dataform project. You can find the most up to package version on the releases page.

Configure the package

Create a new JS file in your definitions/ folder and create the Fivetran Stripe tables as in the following example.

By default, the package will look for source data in the fivetran_stripe schema. If this is not where your Fivetran connector writes Stripe data to, you can override it when calling the package:

1const fivetran_stripe = require("fivetran-stripe");
3const models = fivetran_stripe({
4  fivetranStripeSchema: "stripe_fivetran",
5  fivetranStripeDatabase: "dataform-corp",
6  tablePrefix: "",
7  stagingTablePrefix: "",
8  stagingSchema: "fivetran_stripe_package_stg",
9  usingSubscriptions: true,
10  usingInvoices: true,
11  usingPaymentMethod: true,
12  defaultConfig: {
13    schema: "fivetran_stripe_package",
14    tags: ["fivetran_stripe"],
15    type: "table",
16  },

Supported warehouses:

  • BigQuery
  • Snowflake
  • Redshift

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