Set up data warehouse


Dataform connects to your data warehouse to send the SQL instructions that will create views, tables and perform other operations you specify in Dataform.

Different cloud data warehouses require different set up. Setting up any cloud data warehouse should take 5 minutes. If you encounter any issue, please contact our team via the intercom messenger or via email at


Create a service account

You’ll need to create a service account from your Google Cloud Console and assign it permissions to access BigQuery.

  1. Open the service account page in Google Cloud Console, choose a project if needed.

  2. Click add service account, give it a name a select BigQuery Admin role. You need to use the admin role since it's the only role that can create queries and list tables.

  3. Check the furnish a new private key checkbox and select the JSON option. You will upload this JSON key in dataform.

Redshift / Postgres in AWS

Redshift and Postgres require the following elements:

  • Hostname - in the form of [name].[id].[region]
  • Port (usually 5439 for Redshift and 5432 for Postgres)
  • User name and password
  • Name of the database

You will also need to whitelist Dataform's IP to access your Redshift cluster.

Where to find credentials

  1. Go to Redshift in your AWS console
  2. Select your cluster under Clusters
  3. The hostname will be the endpoint at the top of the page
  4. Username and database name under cluster database properties. You may want to create a separate username and password for Dataform. Please contact our team for assistance doing that.

Whitelist Dataform's IPs

  1. In your Redshift's cluster Configuration, click on your VPC security groups under Cluster Properties

  2. Click on Edit under Inbound

  3. Click on Add rule to create a new rule for Dataform. Select type Redshift and add the following source IP addresses



Snowflake connections require the following elements:

Account name

The first part of your Snowflake url, including region if your region is not US West Region :

Account user and password

The username and password you use to log in to your Snowflake console. You can decide to create a new user for Dataform to use, please reach out to our team if you need help doing that.

Warehouse name

Click "Warehouses" from within your Snowflake console to view a list of warehouses. Any warehouse in your account will work with any database.


Click "Databases" from within your Snowflake console to view a list of databases.

You may also need to whitelist the following Dataform's IP: and